Bruce’s Top Five – The Best of ProCycle Hire

Now into our second decade here in Mallorca it’s hard to reduce all my favourite moments into one short list, however for the purposes of this brief Summer update I will do my best. It’s an absolute pleasure working day-to-day here at Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca. It’s harder than many might think given the perfect surroundings and the sunshine, however what encourages the team to keep working hard is our continued commitment to our customers many of which have been loyal to us for so long.

No:5 – The Views

It’s an obvious one I know, however now and then I am still left breathless at the scenery around me on this remarkable Island. It’s estimated that close to 500,000 cyclists arrive in Mallorca every year…and that number is set to grow. It has everything a cyclist wants from great views, climbs, food, cafes, routes and of course the weather. It’s a tough place to manage the dynamics of business however when you are on a mountain top overlooking a beautiful ocean with your bike leaned up against a wall with a fabulous descent to come, all is well with the world.

No:4 – The Bikes

As a cyclist first and foremost you can never become tired of your bike. I’m fortunate to have rode many styles and brands over the years and I never get bored of what is essentially the same design in a more innovative form. Most seasons we roll out new models. This year the introduction of new bikes from Massi and Colnago have been a real highlight. Like a child on Christmas day I still get excited when customer bikes arrive ready to be put together for testing and hire. As someone once said…”it is all about the bike”.

No:3 – Shop Rides

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm I clear my schedule and slip on my cafe jersey to head out with staff and customers on our shop ride. It’s an opportunity to turn the pedals and crucially to ride with those that make Pro Cycle Hire possible. It’s a pleasure to help lead valued customers up, down and around some of the classic routes of our part of this spectacular Island. Nothing beats it. “Keep checking our facebook page for the many classic over the shoulder group selfies”.

No:2 – Cafe’s

What’s a ride with out a cafe stop?, and what would a cafe stop be with out a cafe con leche and a cake or two?. We are spoiled for choice on this Island with many of the local towns and village really embracing the cyclist and his/her pit stop needs. The Island has some great coffee and cakes you simply can’t resist. At Pro Cycle Hire we have our own cafe of course however on route there’s nothing like sitting down with friends old and new to enjoy a drink or two.

No:1 – Our Friends and Customers

Last year we created our VIP World Club Membership – our opportunity to give something back to those who have been loyal to us for so many years. Without you the most valued component of our business, none of what we enjoy would be a possibility. Seeing people come back year after year has been my stand-out highlight as quietly I acknowledge that they have chosen us to be part of their holiday experience. With that we appreciate the responsibility and give our humble thanks. We hope all enjoy Pro Cycle Hire as much as we do, coming back year after year cycling this majestic beautiful Island.