Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca

Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca was formed in 2004 by owners Lisa & Bruce to provide a quality service for bike hire in Mallorca.


What do we do?

When you hire a bike from Pro Cycle Hire, we set the bike up to your precise measurements – which you can specify when you book or anytime up to a week before you arrive. We can also measure you up when you arrive so that your bike fits you perfectly. We have an in-house bike repair service, managed by professional mechanics, so our bikes are in fantastic condition.

Why hire a bike?

  • No stress or worry about transporting your bike.
  • No packing of your cycle there and back, resulting in more cycling time and more time to chill out!
  • No extra transportation costs getting your bike to and from the airport / Hotel
  • No leaving your bike at the mercy of the baggage handlers.
  • No bike to pack away – more cycling time!
  • No insurance nightmares

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Pro Cycle Cafe

Everyone is always welcome

The Pro Cycle Cafe is a relatively new addition to our base in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.

Our aim from the beginning was to create a cycling hub for all our valued customers, a place that could meet all your requirements from riding to relaxation.

During peak season the cafe is a hive of activity. Riders brimming with anticipation sip coffee as they plan the day’s route ahead. Other’s take on board supplies, maps, gel packs, inner tubes or invest in extra kit if the temperature at the beginning of the day is a little low. Hire bikes roll out and tyres are pumped in preparation. Outside the seats and pavement are packed with coloured kits, striking bikes and riders ready for wonderful cycling adventures ahead.

Busy inside we rarely have the time to wave goodbye however it’s always great to see our customers roll back in. As the midday sun cools legs are rested and our bar is busy with orders for refreshing beers, snacks and much needed calories. Stories are shared and routes are downloaded as more and more riders arrive back to the cafe freewheeling to a stop, tired yet satisfied, after another day in the Mallorca sunshine.

Come rain or shine the Pro Cycle Cafe has been a tremendous success and has become the place to start and finish your day on the bike or off it. Whether you are browsing the plentiful supply of cycling related memorabilia, books and magazines or using it as a starting point or lunch time stop – everyone is always welcome.

Pro Cycle Cafe

Cafe Rides

Welcome to the captivating world of cycling in Mallorca, where picturesque landscapes and exhilarating routes await you at every turn. For an extraordinary cycling adventure, look no further than ProCycle Hire in Pollenca. Renowned for their expertise and passion for cycling, ProCycle Hire provides an array of top-notch road bikes for rental, accompanied by unforgettable cafe rides that seamlessly blend the exhilaration of riding with the joys of the picturesque surroundings. Prepare to embark on an exceptional cycling journey that will leave a lasting impression.

During the summer months, the ProCycle team convenes at the ProCycle cafe, creating a regular gathering on every Tuesday and Thursday. Begin your day with a delicious cup of coffee from the cafe, setting the stage for an energising cycling experience. With a meeting time of 8:15 AM, we ensure a punctual departure at 8:30 AM, allowing you to maximise your time spent pedaling away, soaking in the joys of the open road.

With their extensive local knowledge and years of riding experience, the ProCycle team guides you through a variety of memorable routes, carefully crafted to showcase the island’s natural beauty. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit popular towns and villages, where the team makes strategic stops for a brief cafe break. These stops provide the perfect opportunity to refuel with local delicacies, connect with fellow riders, and immerse yourself in Mallorca’s charming ambiance.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner looking to explore the island on two wheels, ProCycle Hire warmly welcomes all customers. For more information on their captivating cafe rides, cycle hire, private tours and other cycling offerings, simply pop into the ProCycle cafe, where the friendly staff will be delighted to provide you with all the details you need.

Get ready to experience the magic of cycling in Mallorca with ProCycle Hire, where breathtaking scenery, relaxed riding, and a sense of community converge to create truly unforgettable moments on the bike.