The season swings into action

The race season is in full swing now and Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team have been taking full advantage of various mid-week events to supplement their weekend road racing schedule.

Ian Franklin has been circuit racing at the Lea Valley Velo Park evening series where he’s been riding from work in central London, racing and then riding home afterwards to Surrey!

Several riders in the team have been competing in the Hog Hill Summer Series over the past few weeks, although a number of crashes in these races (fortunately not involving our riders) have hampered the flow of results.

Dan Young has been riding at Hog Hill and has also competed in several mid-week evening club 10 time trials. These time trials have helped sharpen his speed as Dan recorded a 20’52” in the Lea Valley open 10 on the fast E2 course earlier in the month. A few other notable top 10 road race results during late Spring show that Dan is a competent all-rounder.

Mark Smith continues to show consistency on the road and in circuit racing with excellent results in the Ixworth Crits (5th place) against Elite and 1st cat riders, the Ken Wright Memorial Road Race (2nd place) and Woodbridge Crits (8thplace) once again against Elite and 1st cat riders.

Clearly variety and versatility are key attributes of any racing cyclist and we are fortunate enough to have talented riders within the team who display these skills and are happy to mix up their racing whatever it is!