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From the quiet weaving networks of inland country roads to famous climbs that reward with incredible views of this majestic Island, Mallorca rarely disappoints. Knowing how to make the most of this cycling mecca is easier said than done. Even seasoned visitors miss out on much of what Mallorca has to offer, so the best way to guarantee you find the ideal routes you’re looking for is to ride with a local guide.

Our experienced guides will help you avoid having to decipher maps, and choose, load and follow computer aided routes. Instead they will show you what makes this Island such a wonderful cycling destination. So whether you’re looking for someone to lead a stress-free ride, or simply want to guarantee you see the best of Mallorca, our guided tours are tailored specifically to take you on many of the most delightful roads on planet Earth.

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3 Day Guided Tour

We want you to experience the best of this perfect cycling destination whilst providing the convenience of having everything about your ride planned out for you. Each day will start with a 9AM coffee and meet at the ProCycle Cafe located conveniently in the town of Port de Pollenca. Our guide will explain the day’s route, detailing the cafe and lunch stops, distance covered, approximate return times and anything else pertinent to the days experience. The three days will cover:

Day 1 – Rolling terrain

We will spend the first hour on the flat so the group can find their legs and start to get to know each other. We then head towards one of the monastery climbs that has wonderful view of the island, allowing you to get your geographical bearings. From here we will ride the the flat interior of the island and stop for coffee and lunch at one of the our favourite cafes. From here we will ride back through the rolling foothills taking in some of the most beautiful scenery Mallorca has to offer.

Day 2 – Climbing

We again start with a steady opening hour before we head to mountain terrain. Depending on the groups requirements and fitness level we will tackle one or more of the following climbs before lunch. Sa Batella, Puig Major, Col d’Soller, Orient and possibly the famous Sa Colabra. Our lunch stop will again be at a typically Mallorquin cafe before a steady ride back in the afternoon.

Day 3 – Countryside

Our final ride will be a flat one by Mallorquin standards. We will head into the middle of the island and enjoy many of the quiet untouched lanes the region has to offer. This is the sort of day miles drift away without seeing another cyclist or encountering much traffic. This will be a pleasant and relaxing way to end your guide and ride experience. Lunch again will be a typically Mallorquin experience in one of the many quiet towns the centre of the island has to offer.

Lead guide and organiser Nicholas Perks is a local resident and well established guide in Mallorca
You will experience the best of Mallorquin food and culture during our guided tours

Our Guides

Professional bike guides bring with them a wealth of riding experience, incredible local knowledge and an unrivalled passion for road cycling. They live on Mallorca and have lead personal bike tours for riders of all ability and experience levels, and they know every inch of Mallorca’s endless country roads and climbs. Our experienced local guides provide everything you will need, so all you have to do is have a great time on your bike!

Group Bookings

Clubs and groups of cyclists ( 4 – 12 riders ) can book one or more of our single guided tour days from Thursday to Sunday and with the help of the guide create a bespoke and tailored package to suit their needs. This provides the flexibility some may enjoy allowing groups to train or focus on a particular style and pace of riding. If you find that our system doesn’t have availability or spaces for your dates contact us here.

Rider Rules

You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness but you definitely don’t need to be a super fit racer. Our guide and ride package is designed for varying levels of riders to have an enjoyable three day guided experience in Mallorca. The pace of the group is dictated by the slowest rider however we do require that riders can maintain an average speed in the region of a minimum of 15-16mph ( 25-27 kph ) for 70 – 85miles ( 120-140km ) in varied terrain. The group may split up on climbs but faster riders will wait and you’ll regroup at the top.

To be able to enjoy our three day experience you must have the following:

  • You must be able to safely and efficiently ride in a group. ( think a club run in cycling heaven )
  • Have a medical and fitness level that allows you to complete three 120-140km rides in varied terrain at an average speed as detailed above.
  • Your road bike is well maintained and roadworthy. If you would like to hire a bike, see here for bikes available for your trip dates.
  • You must carry basic roadside repair essentials as well as dress for distance road biking and the conditions.
  • Have experience staying hydrated and fueled for rides of distance.
  • Carry cash for food and drink and of course sun lotion to protect you from the beautiful Mallorcan Sunshine.

And that’s it… our guides will take care of the rest.

After over a decade of hiring road bikes in Mallorca and cycling the many beautiful roads and lanes, we believe we are more than equipped to deliver an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. To check availability please enter your range of dates into our tour calendar.

If you have any specific questions or would like to create bespoke a guiding experience for a group please get in touch here.

We hope to see you soon in Mallorca.

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